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GCSE Appeals

Appealing a GCSE/IGCSE result

Update: although the deadline for GCSE appeals has passed we are still helping students and parents with complaints of malpractice

GCSE results play an important role in a young person’s future. They can determine entry into a sixth form or college, influence what subjects are taken at A-Level, and be required for jobs and apprenticeships.

The government announced on 17th August 2020 that students taking their GCSEs will now receive their Centre Grade Assessments, which are grades calculated by their teachers.

The Ofqual guidance published in April 2020 (updated in May) states that schools should use their ‘professional experience to make a fair and objective judgement of the grade they believe a student would have achieved had they sat their exams this year.’ There is little doubt that some students will receive an under-prediction of their grades.

Where you believe this has occurred you may be able to make a complaint against the school on the basis of bias, discrimination and/or malpractice.

All our expert advisers are legally qualified and fully up to date with the rules regarding GCSE appeals and will help students and parents appeal the unfair decisions of schools, including lower than expected grades and findings of cheating and misconduct.

Our role is to provide sound advice and produce a persuasive appeal to put the student’s case in the best possible light. The aim is to achieve a mark that best reflects the student’s true ability.

One parent commented:

"Within 10 minutes of my email to Alpha Academic Appeals we had a meeting the next day booked in London to discuss my son’s situation and a possible appeal. I found Daniel to be very well versed in his subject and his advice invaluable. He completely removed the emotion out of the situation and produced a very well written and thought through appeal.

I can only urge other parents in a similar situation to make the investment."

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